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39 Ratings

ColdHardDrewth ,

Super incredible tunes by Murray! Some unused in the eps!

Sadly, DotD and TotD included old music in place of the newer pieces Murray had written for the episodes. On this soundtrack, the unheard music is there and it's beautiful!!

Stand outs include "Song for Four" (originally intended to be played during the DotD Tom Baker scene but instead replaced by "Wedding of River Song" - later used in Deep Breath during the Eleven/Clara phone call!)

Never Tell Me The Rules (Eleven's regeneration music from the belltower scene... including a beautiful 50-second lead-up that was NOT in the TV version!)

It's Him (song playing when UNIT is bringing the TARDIS in with Eleven hanging from it. Again, the beginning part of this song NEVER aired. And it's awesome.)

The Tennant songs feature his Series 1-3 theme in little bits that were not on the show for some weird reason, so if you enjoyed that haunting cue you'll appreciate its return.

This is How it Ends features some awesome variations on Clara's theme and is from the part where the Doctor leaves to face his death and Clara pleads with the Time Lords to help him...

There are many more great songs, but these are just some highlights.

HappyWhovian12321 ,

Stunning, as always

This soundtrack hasn't been released yet, but I can already tell from the previews that... "It's gonna be a whopper!!" Murray Gold's music is one of my favorite things about the show. It's not praised enough. Last year, his music for The Day of the Doctor managed to look to the future while celebrating the past.

The best example of this is the track "Song For Four," which starts out with a quiet melody that sounds a lot like the synth incidental music of Classic Who. It's my most anticipated of the whole soundtrack, but I'm eager to listen to all of the songs. Murray Gold's music hasn't disappointed me yet, and I doubt it ever will.

The Crabby Lion ,

Where's the Theme Songs?

I purchased the [physical] album, and (after listening to "Day of the Doctor") I discovered that not only were some tracks "altered" but, also, the "Main/End Titles" were MISSING, from the Album!

Shame, on you, for NOT including "the MOST IMPORTANT PIECE", of DOCTOR WHO music, EVER… The Theme Songs!

"0 Stars!"

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