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40 Ratings

Marky_MarkC ,

Musically and Philosophically Satisfying

I used to think just Haywyre’s music was impeccable until I stumbled across his deep and creative mind for words. This album portrays this side of him even clearer, having philosophical meaning everywhere. Being Two Fold Part 2, it unsuspectingly challenges and differs from the well loved sounds of the first “Two Fold Part 1”.

This time around we hear different things and encounter an entirely different world; one that starts out as a society of almost programmed, robotic people that declare “I Am Me” and “I Am You” and that “proceed to the center” together in a singular group identity without individual identities even in question. After the track “Restraint” introduces the lyrics about the interconnectedness of the notions of absence and presence, the people realize what is absent possibly in one of them is present in the other and that being different from each other is ultimately satisfying because there is still underlying unity. Following the people’s commenced “Impulse”, we see them finally holding onto this idea of being different in “Do You Don’t You” where the lyrics keep begging questions to help them decipher their differences like “Do you hear what I hear?” and “Do you care if I care?” The obvious answer is “No” because we’re all beautifully different. The album continues on with the pattern of song titles that are mirror around the center piece of “Do You Don’t You”, each of them being an opposite one after the other (“Restraint” and then “Impulse”, “Transient” and then “Endlessly”. We find a satisfying close in Endlessly that proclaims infinite meaning and worth inside of the varying complexities of this world.

So, not only is this album musically profound, but philosophically underestimated and deeply moving. Congratulations Haywyre on a musical masterpiece. I hope this work of art gets the attention it deserves.


This is perfection.

Do you don't you is amazing, 100% my favorite song on the album. When I listened to the intro all I could think was, "Oh. My. God. This is amazing." The rest of the album was amazing too. I would give it 100 stars if it was possible!

CodyDilyn ,


Do You Don't You is the weakest part about the whole EP. With that being said, the rest of it is phenomenally outstanding. An easy 5 stars

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