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The Japanese pop-metal stars unveil a bombastic symphony.


The Japanese pop-metal stars unveil a bombastic symphony.


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4.6 out of 5
63 Ratings

63 Ratings

Ilum77 ,

A comic book tie-in?

Babymetal have teased their next evolution as being about "the Seven". The imagery with this single and the video match the image for the upcoming Babmetal comic book, 'Apocrypha', which supposedly tells their mythological back-story; so "the Seven" are probably part of that. DISTORTION is equal parts Children of Bodom and Powerman 5000 sonically, but 100% raging Babymetal -- catchy, intense, and melodic!!! It sounds like it's tailor made for a potential opening sing for a Babymetal anime. Babymetal's musicians, the Kami Band, are simply incredible!

Jadereneepink ,

Age, change, & growth are inevitable

For those who are going to complain, 1. This song isn’t that much different from stuff they’ve already done (ex: syncopation, from dusk till dawn, & tales of the destinies). 2. there’s not new voices, it’s still our 3 faves singing which is great. I honestly don’t think there will be new band mates, regardless of all the fan theories u have. Please just be open minded and not too harsh of a critic. Also, to the people who are going to complain about them not being “kawaii” anymore, THEY ARE ADULTS NOW AND NEED TO ACT LIKE SUCH. them acting like little kids STILL would be so DISGUSTING!!

Name in progress ,

Chapter 3: From Light to Darkness

If the ludicrous lore of Babymetal has anything to go by, apparently the first two albums we’ve seen so far showcased the light side of the band. Now comes what we presume to be the dark side of the band with seven dystopian warriors that are supposed to play a role in this next phase. What we’re used to is not gone though, as this track reassures us that the three girls we grew to love are still here. But this new song is a sign of something more serious to come, what with its break-neck speed and adrenaline-pumping double-bass drums during the chorus. Only time will tell if the rest is as good as this song, but until then, brace yourselves for another round of the weirdly addictive charm of Babymetal.