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4.6 out of 5
227 Ratings

227 Ratings

Beerinasippicup ,

Future Classic

Ive been listening to Dream Theater since I was about 10, now 32. Introduced to them by my step dad who is a musician, they have always been a part of the medley of inspirational bands throughout my childhood. This new album is everything it should be and doesn't disappoint on any level. Some people seem to wish that a band could just make the same album over and over again, which I think is pointless. This band has managed to make a fresh, crunchy, melodic album that is quintessentially Dream Theater. Ive been eagerly looking forward to the albums full release, and have had it on my mind, oddly, all day. Minutes after its release, I downloaded all of the songs and listened from the beginning, to get a feel of the intended flow from song to song. Once Fall into the Light ended with its heavy chugs and Barstool Warrior started (the first of the new songs to be released), I found myself trying to count the time signature. The synth standing out and progressing the song to the first flawless solo. But once the lyrics began, something happened to me... A little back story, I lost my big brother to suicide at the end of last year, and I was unable to listen to the lyrics from Barstool Warrior without my brothers story in my head. Like the song details, and like my dad said at his memorial, my brother had the worst luck that no hard work or help from family could change. When the song lulled to the piano, I started to cry. I have never had a song move me like this one has. Maybe its the thought of listening to Dream Theater as a kid with my big bro, us sitting on the carpet in the living room, just taking it in. And now, never being able to share this new album, or anything, with him again was just too much. This song and all of the others on this album inspire musicians like myself to compose and write. They will become a foundation for future artists like my 3 year old daughter. Thank you Dream Theater for always making music that is right and thoughtful. Never stop.

Littlejayjay ,

Don’t listen to the hate

LOL at all the reviews saying it doesn’t sound like DT. Do you even know DT? This sounds more in the train of thought department and they killed it with untethered angel. DT has such a diverse approach to their music and you’re saying it doesn’t sound like them 😂

satch_boogie ,

Now, THAT’s more like it...

The Astonishing, while a good story, was not a very good album, musically. Untethered Angel got me excited as a “return to roots” song, but then Fall to the Light came out and I got fired up. Great, hard driving riff, power choruses and verses, and awesome Mangini drumming too boot. Well done, Fellas!

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