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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.6 out of 5
636 Ratings

636 Ratings

WhatWhatWHAT? ,

For a Reason.

For starters, I have been listening to this album for about 8 months now. Its still just as good as when I got it. How some of you can't
"get into this album" or just "don't like the way they're going" is amazing.
1. Because I've seen it so many times, BFMV was NEVER AN EMO BAND, and THEY NEVER WILL BE. Take the song Curses from everyone's beloved Hand of Blood album. The words "I need a MAP to find my WAY OUT OF THIS ONE" are exact proof. They have ALWAYS had a metal sound, but its just been muffled.
2. This album isn't SUPPOSED to be the exact same thing as the Poison, or Hand of Blood. The whole point of different albums is to experiment with different types of songs. How boring would it be if you were just listening to the SAME guitar being played, but with different lyrics in place? (For example, listen to Dragonforce. It's sound NEVER changes)
3. Theres nothing MAINSTREAM about this at all either. Mainstream = Jonas Brothers. Mainstream = Linkin Park. Mainstream = Blink 182. Mainstream is NOT BFMV.
If anything, this album sounds DARKER then The Poison, so maybe you all should wax your ears a little more often.

But enough negative. The guitar is REALLY alive in this album, extremely energetic and fast paced, for example, Waking the Demon.
The lyrics aren't the greatest in the world, but why should they be? Its not absolutely necessary for lyrics to be 100% sane.
I don't know what you guys are listening too, but Matt can still scream. Not perfect, but he isn't singing like a stupid Jonas brother. He's screaming.

In the end, 10/10 album. Good piece of work, and it is true that the Poison was an extremely hard album to play up on, but they did a great job.

Goldenglove9 ,

A great return from a great band

Ok I know 2008 just began but this album sets the bar high. It starts with the title track as moose's drum intro grabs you and straps you in, you know imediatly you are going for a wild ride. The intesity is kept with the next track "Eye of the storm", then it slows down a little bit like you've reached a spot on your thirll ride were it is calm. Then imediatly it starts with the adrenilne pumping "Waking the Demon". This intensity is kept through the rest of the album untill your thrill ride come to and end after "Forever and Always". All in all a great return from a great band can't wait to see them on tour!

xRockHeadx ,


The Album was worth buying. Waking the Demon is Crazy.

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