15 Songs, 1 Hour 6 Minutes


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4.4 out of 5
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9 Ratings

LT435 ,

Don't listen to idiot reviewers

Excellent music for fans of symphonic metal with operatically trained female lead singers.

Lindsey whoneedsanickname ,

Diabulus In Musica Improves With Each Album

Diabulus in Musica is a recent discovery of mine, and so far, I have loved every album they've produced. Dirge for the Archons is yet another improvement on their behalf, and I'm excited to hear what comes next.

Now, this is irrelevant to the music itself, but let's talk about the band name.
No, they did not steal their name from Slayer.
Diabulos in Musica, or tritone, is a type of music that was once said to be associated with the devil, and was thus banned for hundreds of years, and still is in some places. Slayer did not create this term. Slayer does not own it. This band did not steal it- it's just a musical term, it's not even possible to steal!
Diabulus in Musica is their own band, and they are incredibly humble. I can positively state that their intention with naming their band was not to rip off Slayer.

Just enjoy the music, for god's sake!

Leaves Eyes Music ,

An Elite Band-Best Choirs In All Of Metal

Spain's Diabulus in Musica are an elite band in the power metal/symphonic opera heavy metal genre. This is their fourth album and it is superb from start to finish. The musicianship is top flight and accomplished, the music varies from soft and melodic to heavy and pounding. DIM have the most sophisticated, innovative and complex choirs in all of heavy metal. The choir on St. Michael's Nightmare (a live song using a live, not taped, choir) is astounding, and I mean staggering in its power and beauty. There is a very appealing Spanish flavor to this band's music. At times, the mind conjures up visions of the vistas and panoramas of medieval Spain and the romanticism of Don Quixote. If you like bands like Epica, Leaves Eyes, Sirenia, Xandria (with Manuela Kraller) and the magic of Nightwish when Tarja was with them, then this band is a must for your heavy metal listening pleasure.


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