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28 Ratings

gguptown ,


Oh. My. God. I. Love. Them. The songs "Jug Band Music" is so amazing, but I luv "Daydream" and "Summer in the City!" And, one of their songs, "Do you beleive in Magic," is part of this awesome and perfect movie me, my mom, and my brother are obsessed with, and it fits in absolutly wonderfully with the movie. It was called "Magic in the Water." The star of the movie is Oreo's. Good old times. Good old times.

Main Street Jim ,

Who Mixed This Mess

I don't know about the other tracks, but after downloading "You Didn't Have to Be So Nice", I feel like I just got my pocket picked for a dollar and wouldn't touch any of the other tracks with a 10 foot pole.
The remix on this uses an instrumental track that sounds as weak and dirty as the mono version they used to play on AM Radio laid down in the middle of the stereo listening field. This wouldn't have been so bad, except when the lead vocal cuts in, it sounds like a CD quality track layered in on the extreme left and modulated to three times the volume of the instrumental. When the harmonies fall in, they are also over cleaned and overmodulated and laid in at the extreme right of the sound field, so the overall effect is like listening to an Orea Cookie with two gobs of gooey frosting on the outside and a thin brittle cracker in the middle.
Shame on you, Apple, for putting this on without a warning label that it is garbled to the point of not sounding anything like the original.

Dogbyt ,

Younger Girl Lovin Spoonful

The Younger Girl track sounds Awful. The 3/4 time signature is so slowed down, you'd think the Group did a handful of Ludes before getting behind the mikes. Where's the original track in 4/4? If you're looking for the original, this is NOT even close.

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