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143 Ratings

OzzyOsbourne's#1fan ,


I discovered Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne and my life is now complete.. :D

EJ2069 ,

Better highlights than Blizzard!

Please keep in mind all that follows is opinion only:
It's unlikely that a new Ozzy fan would encounter this album first. Chances are you'd snag it after figuring out who Randy Rhodes is and that this is the only other studio album featuring him. Personally I've always liked this album much more than Blizzard. That isn't to say its an empirically better album, it just that the high points are higher and the great songs considerably less popular than those found on his first solo outing. Thematically there is more fantastic imagery, adventurous songwriting, and good old fashioned silent horror movie themes.

The Great Stuff: S.A.T.O, Over The Mountian, Little Dolls, Believer, and Diary of a Madman.
SATO is my favorite Ozzy solo tune. It's also virtually forgotten, and I've never heard a live recording of it.
Over The Mountian is one of the most energetic intro songs I've ever heard. Not heavy mind you, just extremely energetic.

Of course there are two big ballads on the album (tonight and You Can't kill Rock n Roll), neither are as bad as Goodbye to Romance, but back in the casette era they clogged up both sides of the tape like a dead skate on a beach. Diary is great and despite the structure I don't consider it a classic metal ballad.

On the down side:
I'm a Sabbath fan first and foremost, so it's hard not to hear Flying High Again as a shallower and poppier Snowblind. It's hard not to hear the lyrics on Believer as a less poetic take on the themes found in Cornucopia (both songs are from Volume 4).

In Closing:
So if you like Ozzy and you're looking to collect his solo career gems, I'd poach the aforementioned songs and add them to the mix. The tribute version of Believer is much much much better than the studio version. If you like Randy Rhodes and want to hear the birth pangs of neo-classical metal you will enjoy this one. The good stuff here is really unique and features wierder time changes, and less predictable song structure than most 80's hair metal. It really is a teaser for what Ozzy could have been if Randy hadn't died shortly after it's release.

AidanMReviews ,

This is a great album.

Although Ozzy Osbourne is a heavy metal god, there are better artists. But next to "Bark At The Moon", this is my favorite Ozzy Osbourne album. It's a solid album, meaning that there isn't one bad song. Now usually for special albums that are so amazing, I wouldn't do a song-by-song review. But this one is difficult without it, so let's begin.
1. Over The Mountain- A straight-forward song, I like it a lot. It's a great way to start off an album. Not too slow, but not too fast. It's definately not the best on here, but it's a highlight. 10/10
2. Flying High Again- A definate highlight of the album, this is a fantastic song. It's catchy, and something you would expect from the Prince Of Darkness. It gets stuck in my head a lot. An amazing track, "Flying High Again" is essential for any fan of Ozzy. 10/10
3. You Can't Kill Rock N' Roll- My absolute favorite song on the album, the seven-minute long masterpiece blew me away. "Rock n' roll is my religion" is one of my favorite quotes now! Haha, awesome song. You need to buy it, it's wonderful. No song off of "Diary Of A Madman" can top this. 10/10
4. Believer- Eh, I honestly don't find it all that special. It is a good song, don't get me wrong, but I skip it usually. I like it though, but it's probably my least favorite on the album. 6/10
5. Little Dolls- Slightly better than the previous song, but still not that special, and I do skip it usually. But it's worth your money, I guess. 6.5/10
6. Tonight- Love this song! It's slow, not fast-paced. And it's pretty much a love song, which isn't too rare for Ozzy. However, it's awesome! It might not be good enough to make into my five favorite songs on here, but I still recommend it. 9/10
7. S.A.T.O.- A pretty good song. It's not too special, but I like it. I would recommend buying it for a cheap 99 cents. 8/10
8. Diary Of A Madman- A song that gets a lot of people into this album, this song is amazing. It's a ballad song, like some of Metallica and Pantera's, which is crossing into a different heavy metal style (thrash). It's long, catchy, and simply awesome. I totally recommend buying it. 10/10
All in all, this is an essential album for Ozzy. I got into Ozzy with the regular hits. Crazy Train, Iron Man, I Don't Wanna Stop, Bark At The Moon, etc. But when I found this album, I loved it. I prefer "Bark At The Moon" more than any Ozzy album, but this is awesome. "The Blizzard Of Ozz" is also a good album.

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