diary 001 - EP

diary 001 - EP

Claire Cottrill was writing about crushes and stressing about college when her DIY music video for “Pretty Girl” went viral in 2017. Suddenly, the Boston-area teenager was an internet sensation. The song, a sly empowerment anthem about a girl realizing her worth, set the tone for diary 001, an EP of endearing, take-me-as-I-am confessions. With hypnotic nonchalance and polite cynicism, she ponders love (“Flaming Hot Cheetos”) and authenticity (“Hello?”) in a digitally altered world. But in the end, it’s her quintessentially teenaged daydreams—sketched best in the Danny L Harle duet “B.O.M.D.,” short for “boy of my dreams"—that make the project so relatable.

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