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36 Ratings

6stringslider ,

The Essence of Chicago's Best Years

Finally, a collection of CTA and Chicago's music that gets to the core of their sound and stays there refusing to acknowledge the wayward jumble that ensued in the late '80s and beyond. None of the falsetto, love-sick- puppy-syrup slop that Peter Cetera sold the group on for the sake of Top 40 hits. Stand-out, yet not well known tracks, like "Aint It Blue", "Listen", "In The Country" and "I Don't Want Your Money" are worth the price alone. All tracks have Kath's guitar simmering below the surface or boiling over, out front, in your face like, "South California Purples" and Darlin' Dear". For this kid (nearing 50 yrs. old) this collection is like a yearbook of memories, well-worn, yet seemingly fresh, each time they're revisited. Thank you whoever put this together.

Poverty Rocker ,

Good retrospective of the Late Terry Kath

I was in High School and Chicago was my favorite band. I remember how crushed I was when I learned that Terry Kath had his tragic accident. Chicago was never the same since. Along with the well known hits that feature his excellent guitar work like "I'm a Man" and "25 or 6 to 4" are unsung gems like "Darlin' Dear" and "Mississippi Delta City Blues." The real plus of this collection is "An Hour in the Shower" - a fun acoustic journey from lesser known album three. NOTE: this is the only album where you can download the whole song in it's entirety whereas from CHICAGO III it is only downloadable piece-meal. That's a much better deal for this lost classic.

Newch ,

one of the greatest guitarists ever and yet so underrated.

This whole collection is great except for one thing that made me mad: they left out "Poem 58". That song clearly shows how great he is, along with the rest on this album. But really, this collecton be a lot better with "Poem 58". He was also, to me, the most underrated guitarist in all of rock history. None of his solos are included in lists of greatest guitar solos and he's not even listed in any great guitarists of all time lists. But the point I'm trying to make is, this is one hell of a collection of guitar legend.

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