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18 Ratings

jeffrey__b ,

Desiderium review

Desiderium is an album of songs with a collection of personal stories of love and life from different but interconnected people. Most of these songs highlight adults who are at transitions in their lives.

The album’s first song, “The Beginning,” starts with majestic brass orchestrations and builds tension with drums. Then quickly a set of synthesizers and computerized beats takes center stage, and then is combined with the orchestrations. Now the night has begun and we are about to be introduced to the characters of the album. Each character tells his or her story within well-crafted pop songs that are catchy, danceable, and memorable.

The song “Drive” features the vocalist Aarama. The woman in this track is ready to move on with her life. She sings, “I’ve gotta whole lot of new things going on,
a new set of wings I'm trying on.” She asserts independence but perhaps part of her is inviting or challenging us to join her in this adventure.

“Steal My Attention” is completed with pitched vocal samples throughout the song. There is no vocalist credited. The song is melodic with impeccable timing. With lyrics such as “Hold me just tonight,” we imagine this song is between lovers who are together but who may never see each other again.

“Realla” starts off with some deep, soft tones, and then the vocals of Anderson Paak kick in. Paak is addressing a new love as he sings, “My new fire, you oughta come to light me.” He is expressing his desire to be closer when he chants, “Let me be at your home at the late hour.” There, however, appears to be a level of conflict or competition underneath as he sings, “It can't be obvi, I'm way too fly to let you out me,” and requests, “Let me be at your home at the late hour.” Paak’s skilled rhyming and Tokimonsta’s regal production completes a song that gives a distinct male voice on the album.

“Dusty Stars” starts with some chimes and pitched vocal samples. Similar to “Steal My Attention,” this has a less complex story but provides a moving song to dance and move to.

"Open Air” is the last story where we are introduced to one of these characters on this evening. The vocals are provided by Joyce Wrice as she sings to her lover, “Doesn’t matter how we do this ’cause it’s not like a sin.” I find the house-like beats on this song very danceable.

The album ends with “Sakamoto’s Spring,” which is a mostly instrumental track filled with a main piano line along with some vocal samples. “Sakamoto” is likely a reference to Ryuichi Sakamoto, of whom Tokimonsta is a fan and musical collaborator.

In summary, Desiderium, like its name implies, is a collection of stories of strong desire from its protagonists. We meet them all on the same night; perhaps they are all in the same city, all experiencing and expressing their desire through vocals and song.

Lewisiz ,


Realla, Steal My Attention, Drive, Sakamoto, Dusty Stars… <3

GamingCritic101 ,

This is a MUST HAVE ALBUM!!!

Never thought TOKiMONSTA would take her game to a whole other level. Been listening to her since '11 and she's never disappointed once. Her songs are on point, catchy, rhythmic, and overall sheer talent shines through. She's number one on my list and will continue to be at the top my list. Keep making straight fire TOKi.


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