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4.5 out of 5
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6 Ratings

yungi ,

30 years later it's still refreshing

The music is simple, raw but together with Les Crane's voice, it is mesmerizing. Soothe any troubled soul. Great inspirational music, especially Desiderata. First time I heard Desiderata, I was 12 and it immediately captivated me. It was profound back then and still is today, 30 plus years later. A truly motivational piece, turn any crummy day around.

Tootiful ,

Move over Captain Kirk!

William Shatner's "Has Been" ranks high on my list of great and strange albums, but Les Crane's "Desiderata" inspired a nation. Desiderata delivers an unapologetically sincere love letter to the best within each of us. The title track had me trying to memorize the words as a kid whenever I could find it on my transistor radio. I soaked up the whole philosophy of 'Desiderata' and I do believe it kept me out of some fistfights! Wisdom for the spirit, like a Sesame Street Sermon on the Mount set to a groovy beat. The title track topped the charts, not because "Spoken Word" was cool, but because the whole country needed a dose of simple truth to call on our inner strength amidst scandals and uncertainty, just like we need it today. A 'timeless timepiece', yes, made more relevant now by our current crisis than anytime since it was released. Turn it up and put on your headphones and try not to smile. I dare you not to smile. For philosophically twisted fans, play it back to back with National Lampoon's crass and demented "Deteriorata" parody. I think they go together like night and day.

Pattycee ,


I remember it from the early 70's. Tried to raise my kids by it, I fell miserably short but they didn't. It reminds me of what I want to be like.

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