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4.7 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

Chaos_Angel_30 ,

Awesome CD

Bought this album back when I was in high school and still listen to it. While "In the Blook" was the main reason for buying the CD back then, I quickly fell in love with every song on it; with "Teenager," "Heaven," "The Killer Inside," "This Time of year," and "Porcelain" becoming favorites. Do have to admit that the version of "Porcelain" found on their greatest hits is the version that should have been on this album. I can honestly say that I don't care for the song "Good", and thus hit the skip button when it plays. The other 12 songs on this album? Awesome! Unfortunately for me my son broke my copy of this CD, and now I have to repurchase songs 7-13. Do highly reccomend this CD. It truly was one of the best offers from the mid-90s. This album to me has always had this crazy laid back vibe that also felt a bit edgy and fun. As I said I've own this for a number of years and have never not had a hankering to listen to it. The same cannot be said of many bands from the same time period.

kgturey ,

Still A Favorite!

After more than fifteen years of listening to it, this album always seems to stay in my top ten of all time. Good balance and great lyrics make this an immensely enjoyable recording.

+++Why a nickname? ,

Deluxe is exceptional

'Deluxe' was clearly the best album of the '90's...I don't think anything was even close. I did not consider this "Alternative" rock when I first listened to it. I thought it was rock, refined and mature. I'm 55 now, having listened to everyone from Dylan to Metallica and I consider this to be one of my all-time favorites. I never tire of it. Unlike a previous review, I think the version of Porcelain on 'Deluxe' to be the better of the two recordings. The Killer Inside is the best track on the album but don't just listen to one or two songs on this gem. Listen to them all. Down the road, 'Deluxe' will be considered a classic.

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