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Оценок: 51

ShadesOfShame ,

Nothing Helps!

I just discovered O.O.R while watching a D.M.C trailer.. Nothing Helps is my new favorite song!

KaynaLorraine ,

A diamond in an era of crmbling rocks

When someone said that the rock industry was declining, they got a scoop of One Ok Rock. This group is a legit, high quality music machine that fulfills the needs to those who are in good rock withdrawals. Sure, there are tons of indies and other artists, but One Ok Rock creates a new world for you like a religion that fills your apetite to satisfaction. They have surely cemented their place as legitimate international rock artists with this singer, especially Deeper Deeper.

Vachea ,

amazing as usual

I've been listening to ONE OK ROCK for about 3 years now. They just keep getting better and better


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