4 Songs, 1 Hour 3 Minutes


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7 Ratings

tortle ,

Orgambient Classic

Breathtakingly beautiful work, one of my desert island discs. Deep Listening blurs the lines between ambient, improvisational, and even modern classical music. As with the best deep ambient, this isn't "music", it's sonic world-building, a completely transcendant experience. The other discs in the Deep Listening "series" (especially The Ready-Made Boomerang and Underground Overlays from the Cistern Chapel) are amazing as well, but this is definitely the best place to begin.

Recommended for fans of the following: Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Stars of the Lid, Lustmord, Thomas Köner, Vidna Obmana, David Darling, Morton Feldman, Biosphere.

ModernMusicDude ,

A Must Have

I've been listening to Pauline Oliveros since the mid-70s. Her music has always been striking and original, but these are her most innovative works to date. These pieces, recorded in a huge cistern, use that ambience to imprint an unforgettable mark on the music, which leaves an unforgettable imprint on the mind. I would like to meet Pauline someday, to express my appreciation for her hauntingly original concepts. I wish I could recommend this music based on some standard formula, but I can only hope that everyone listens to it with an open mind. My general rule is "if you still hate it after the third listening, then it is probably not very good". I don't think it will take you three listenings to grow to love this music,

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