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42 Ratings

Wicket02 ,

"Mighty Bansheebot! Capture Those Bucketbots...And Bring Them...To ME!!"

(Quote taken from Slipdisc, on the Bucketheadland album). Bansheebot has been dead for some time. Maybe that's why Buckethead gave him some recognition on this disc (Ain't he so thoughtful?). Although it sounds absolutly nothing like Bucketheadland (or 2), It's still a kickass disc. Materializing The Disembodied throws you into a truck right off the bat, prepared or not. Then Bucketead decides to run you over with a flock of soft, fluffy chickens in Assylum Of Glass. It starts off like a Joe Satch track, but morphs into some creepy organ-laided mush pile. Brian fnally comes through in Ghost Host, taking a spin on modern rock that has plagued the radiowaves today. Of course, no Buckethead disc is complete without some weird, twisted, demonic scrap from the corner of his head, and Circarama delivers that classic insanity.

But if you're still looking for some great rock tracks, Buckethead's got plenty. Killing Cone morphs his solos into a speed metal racetrack, while Bloodless is a perfect track to kill a rival to. Checkerboard Incision is a great track to drive to, Disecto is a great track to jam to, while I Can Only Carry 50 Chickens At A Time is a great track to decapitate your rival to. (Simply because it's so epic). Our friendly guitar hero ends the disc with 2 soothing chill-down songs, while Hall Of Scalding Vats sounds like someone stepping on and breaking people's skulls while trying to escape from an exploding Death Star.

Sound crazy? Maybe. Then again, Buckethead is crazy. (Or at least 4/27's crazy)

Frozenghost001 ,

Materializing the Disembodied = BEST Metal Riff EVER!!

That song is the best off this album! One of my favorite Buckethead songs, besides a few others. But the rest of the album is good too.

srynne ,

Sail on Soothsayer is the most emotional Buckethead song ever!

Asylum of Glass, Ghost Host, Killing Cone, Checkerboard Incision, Disecto, I Can Only Carry..., and Stretching Lighthouse are all great tracks. The first two probably being the best. The best song on the album is the last, Sail on Soothsayer. I like this more than soothsayer, it is so emotional it leaves me speechless. One of Bucketheads best recent albums!

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