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11 Ratings

PekingSaint312 ,

Think of The Greatest in terms of her earlier efforts.

I own, practically, all of her older albums. Her new stuff is very good, but there's just a certain quality to her albums such as Moon Pix and this that I love. I also own What Would The Community Think, however with that album, I grew tired. Moon Pix I still love and adore.

This is basically 'The Greatest' put into terms of her earlier efforts. There is a band, and although some songs do not showcase this, others DO. Her instrumental reminds me of something reminiscent of Sonic Youth (infact, alot of this does, just a bit more somber and dark) that makes you want to get up in your room and dance. Headlights, Itchyhead, Rockets, and Mr. Gallo are probably the best song efforts on here, and they all include a band.

Personally, if I had to choose The Greatest or this, I would choose Dear Sir. Although I don't own The Greatest, I have many downloads, and a few of my friends own it. Depending on which sound you like better -the crunchy, dreary, darker expressive Chan or the jazzed up, sparkling, lighter expressive Chan, you can make the decision. However, this album along with The Greatest comes the closest with the whole band sound.

And if you just like to hear Chan rock out, this one is DEFINITELY a choice.

Badtux ,

Mysterious, violent and angry

This is Chan Marshall at her most raw and enigmatic. The two guitars (Chan's and Tim Foljahn's) circle each other like wary antagonists while Steve Shelley's drumming thumps away ominously with its usual brilliance. In many cases Chan's lyrics are only barely there in these Sonic-Youth-inspired songs but Chan is a much better singer than Kim Gordon could ever be in her wildest dreams and the emotion comes through quite well, whether the wistfulness of "Rockets", the violence of "Itchyhead", or the alienation of "The Sleepwalker" or "Great Expectations". In many songs Chan alternates between singing and wailing at the top of her lungs here, letting loose in a way she never lets herself loose in her later albums. This album probably isn't everybody's cup of tea, the production is muddy and grungy and the songs are a far cry removed from the smooth R&B of her latest output, but it's well worth the listen.

M.V ,

Good Debut

Dear Sir is the debut of the amazing Cat Power, and its a solid good effort. Her voice is fresh and beautiful. Her lyrics here are more light, but still beautiful in simplicity and metaphors. The music is more sparse and scratchy in style. All tracks are solid, but the highlights are 3 tImes, Rockets (best track, must have), Itchyhead, The Sleepwalker and Mr. Gallo. Must have for Cat Power fans, said tracks are great for casual listeners. Rockets is the best song, its extremly addictive, with cute and light lyracism.

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