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277 Ratings

Smile_Kid1222 ,

I miss this

I miss the days when they made music like this.

br71488 ,


no reviews yet for this album? wow..anyway, i bought this album when it first came out in 2007..i was 19 and hooked on pop punk bands at the time..six feet under the stars was the song that really defined the summer of 2007 for me. i had just graduated from high school and planned to to take a year off from attending college in the fall. but i can clearly remember jamming to the other songs, dear maria, holly, shameless,stay awake, remembering sunday always touched me and come one come all..that was 5 years ago and im a bit older but this album was one of the first pop punk albums i got hooked on, and also boys like girls debut..brings back memories.

bennjerrys6510 ,

Please read

I've had this album for a while considering I've been a fan for a while, but I was looking through some of the comments and a lot talk about how you all wish they would go back to making this kind of music. They've said in interviews many times that they will never make one album like the other. They want to grow, try new things. Sure Dirty Work may not have been their most popular album, but they were experimenting and they did it how they liked it. They're growing up. Think of how you were 5+ years ago. You thought, acted and were just overall different. Do you think ATL are any different? No. I love every single one of their songs, even if I don't listen to some as much as others. I do have to say I listen to their old music more than their newer but I still love their new albums and their sound. Now if they went full mainstream pop then I along with many other fans would not particularly like that. But that's not what they're doing. I know their next album will be great and so will their next album after that and the one after that. True fans won't focus on how they used to be, but instead grow with them and be open to their experiments with a little change in their music.

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