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3.4 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

BladeRunner9 ,

Many words can describe this EP

Creative, artful, surreal, but the one word that comes to mind before anything else is… boring. The only track I can listen to is the EPROM remix because it actually has a beat. And that’s a remix by another artist.

After ISAM, I was hoping Amon Tobin would actually start making “music” again, as opposed to ambient experimental soundscapes. He said he’s annoyed when people describe his work as sounding like background music for movies and such. Well, this is exactly what it sounds like. I guess this is his new direction. I supported him for many years, always considered him my favorite artist and even went to both his ISAM Live shows (despite me not liking that album so much), but since ISAM he’s gone off into some weird direction in which his “music” doesn’t even have beats or rhythm anymore. They’re just sounds.

After waiting all these years for new material, it’s a disappointment.

When will a new Two Fingers album drop? In 2019? Sorry Amon Tobin, but I’m tired of holding my breath for your new material only to be confused, perplexed, and ultimately disappointed. Chaos Theory was your last great album. Foley Room was good. ISAM seems to be your new style now. I wish you the best in your experimental phase. Please give us all a heads up when you start making actual music again. Thanks.

davd4928 ,

The end has come

I am a huge fan of Tobin's pre-Chaos Theory work, I own all his albums. I learned to like Foley Room, I stuck around for ISAM, and the second Two Fingers album, desperately digging to unearth redeeming value, but I've reached the point where listening to Amon's music is just a thankless chore. The magic and fun is gone. I'll always treasure the old stuff...

hal813 ,


I picked up the vinyl of this for Record store day and it is phenomenal! No digital download for it from ninja tune sadly but at $3.99 this a steal. It’s like it could be the music for a newer blade runner. This is definitely a headphones album as there is some nice little sounds mixed around in the album.

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