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8 Ratings

miss_amy ,

Speaks for itself...

I have to agree with the former review "Pay attention to The Hangmen"...as a sibling of Bryan Small I must say I have much respect for a guy that sticks to his true love. I finally got to see my brother play this summer in Eugene, OR- this album was live on stage...all I can say is "F!CKING AMAZING!"...The Hangmen truly rock. You won't regret listening to this album. My favorite track is "train" which I got to hear a rough draft of about a year or so ago...

dave491 ,

Pay attention to the Hangmen

The Hangmen have a back catalog of some phenomenal music, so it's no huge surprise that "In the City" might not be their best CD, but it could very well be their most well-rounded. Standout tracks are "I Wanna Be Loved" and "I Will Stay." And "Dark Eyes" will make you wanna kick that dust off your boots before declarin' as you push into the saloon that there's a new sheriff in town.
I'm not a Hangmen expert, but when I saw their show last night (the last two nights actually, but that's a different story) I became a fan. Great musicians all around. Bryan has an incredible voice and Rane has a remarkable skill on guitar. Put all four musicians together and it's amazing punk that clearly doesn't forget its country and blues roots. I'm hoping that with Mike Ness producing the CD that they'll finally get the wide notice that they've clearly long deserved.

Yamato Kamiya ,

Wow! Just F!CkING WOW!

First of all, I have to blatantly and bluntly admit. At first, when I saw these guys and their music on an AMV or anime music video, I was confused and did not at all know what to make of them. The first song I had ever heard by them was Blood Red, from their earlier album, Loteria, the song that would later be one of a showcase of songs on their collection of best hits, Lost Rocks: The Best of The Hangmen. In the City would soon become a smash hit following the success of Loteria. That’s not the point here. In actuality, these guys are truly ONE of a kind and they are the ONLY ones of their kind to produce such gourmet luxury indie rock music. Why do I use “gourmet” to describe this album? It goes with OUT saying, the album, no wait, the sounds of the band themselves, are a TRUE luxury feast for the ears. One could call their music a gourmet feast of music. With infectious lyrics, contagious melodies, and poisonous love and toxic heart and soul poured into every album these guys create, these guys are TRULY one of a kind. You will NEVER in a hundred billion years find another band just like these guys. Blood Red is a fine example of infectious lyrics, contagious melodies, and poisonous love and toxic heart and soul. Blood red was the bullet that was shot into my heart in 2014, and it poisoned my heart and soul with an intense, BLAZING red hot, f***ing INFERNO etched into the song that became engraved in my heart. One could say I already died out of happiness when I heard Blood Red. One could say, that I am already dead, but my soul still lingers because I hear this music. My heart was poisoned and my soul became infected and I am now spreading intense love that is a contagion that will give you what I call “The Hangmen Pox” and will slowly virtually kill your heart, you may feel like you’re dying of happiness, but truly, you’re being reawakened to a new era of indie rock music. These guys are TRULY one of a kind and there’s nobody else like these guys. I’m proud to be a lifelong The Hangmen fan.

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