Da REAList (Deluxe Version)

Da REAList (Deluxe Version)

For someone who is constantly derided for his less-than-profound rhyme skills, Plies makes several bold choices that separate Da REAList from its competition. Among the usual host of street tales, Plies offers a thug’s perspective on two hot-button political issues. “2nd Chance” addresses harsh prison sentences for first offenders, while “Pants Hang Low” attacks Florida’s ban on sagging pants. Even sonically, the album takes risks. Just witness the slower-than-molasses “Me & My Goons,” or the skeletal throb of “All Black.” While Plies is famous for his loyalty to the street lifestyle, some of the best songs here reveal his devotion to family. On “Family Straight” he describes the difficulty his relatives have in rising above the hardship that surrounds them: “Why my family luck so bad? I sit and wonder / We ain't close like we should and it's taken us under / The only time we come together is to have a funeral / Sit around and talk about each other and spread rumors.” Plies will always put his loyalty to the streets first, but songs like this show there is more on his mind than guns and money.

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