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2.9 out of 5
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48 Ratings

MarkPhilly ,

Not The Disaster Some People Claim

I will be the first to admit that this album contains a few horrible songs -- Dictator being the worst offender. However, several songs here are actually BETTER than anything on Combat Rock (in my opinion), especially This is England, Three Card Trick, and Movers and Shakers.
In going back to "basics" after the departure of Mick Jones, Joe Strummer stumbled but still retained much of his punk appeal.

lifebystereo ,

The fact is, it's still Joe Strummer's music

I'm a huge Clash fan, but even I was hesitant to listen to this album because I didn't even consider it to be "The Clash" and I didn't want it to tarnish my overall view of them/Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon. However, at one point I just couldn't resist, so I cautiously bought it. While it's definitely the least amazing album under the Clash name, it still has merit. Songs like "Movers and Shakers" even sound like they could fit in on an earlier album, just missing a bit of Mick Jones' flare and sharper, more natural drumming like Topper's.

At root, stripped down, these are very good songs. The clear over-production (not with the quality of the sound but more in the sense of adding too many parts to each song) is really the main thing that makes it a "lesser" version of The Clash. The single This Is England is actually one of the much weaker, less original songs on the CD -- it just seems so boring and cliche, and snotty without the passion, so if that's all you've heard and you're judging it negatively based on that, you might still like the rest.

5 stars, because, as the title says, it's still under the influence of Joe Strummer, and even at his worst he's a world above the rest musically.

clash dude ,

we aint gonna be treated like trash... we got one thing ......WE ARE THE CLASH!

doesnt anyone ever listen to the lyrics? yeah this aint london calling but it sure is better than all this new rap crap.... im a teen and that stuff sickens me! "we are the clash" and "three card trick" and "this is england" are my faves of the clash..... and i am obsessed with the clash... i have every freakin" album of there's and trust me..... THIS IS THE MOST UNDERRATED ALBUM IN THE WORLD! long live joe strummer!

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