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24 Ratings

hybrid47 ,

Brilliant Comeback!

There are many adjectives one could use to describe Cryptopsy, but consistent is not one of them. They released what is one of the best death metal albums ever recorded in the form of None So Vile. It was an album that was simultaneously incredibly technical and very organic and human, both more brutal than anything that had preceded it and very catchy (in a death metal sense), and in the form of the enigmatic Lord Worm, they had one of the best death metal vocal performances ever recoded. Prior to NSV, they had released Blasphemy Made Flesh which was a competent release, albeit a much more low-fi affair (not a plus in technical death metal) and lacking the explosiveness and more left-field vocals Lord Worm would lay down on it's followup. The next two albums kept the expert production values of NSV, and probably even increased the technicality quotient subsequently, but just sort of lacked the "it" factor of None So Vile. Both recordings were somewhat bogged down by Mike DiSalvo who was something of a hardcore barker turned growler. While he had his moments of brilliance, his performances were often jarring. This essentially made albums that might otherwise have been on par with NSV a cut below (although still great). Next came the return of Lord Worm on Once Was Not, coupled with the loss of Jon Levasseur. As it turned out, the near decade between recordings had taken quite a toll on Lord Worm whose vocals had deteriorated to a shell of what they’d been, and Worm fared no better than DiSalvo had, but the album was still pretty decent. Next came Unspoken King, probably the biggest misstep in an already rocky set of albums. This deathcore album scared off many of Cryptopsy’s remaining fans after 12 or so years of fading glory. The one upshot here was the fact that they had found the first truly adequate vocalist since Lord Worm in his prime, which allowed them to come back new and improved with their self titled release (also greatly helped by the return of the brilliant Levasseur). While not quite as head spinningly innovative as None So Vile, I believe that Cryptopsy is probably the most all around solid release since, and a great successor.

amputated_torch ,

Return to Form

This album is a return to form (more or less) from their previous album The Unspoken King, which was more of a deathcore album (it was not bad even then). This album is all that you can expect from Cryptopsy, and it shows that they still have the intensity in their music. The vocalist has significantly improved his vocal style and the songs have better production this time around! I personally enjoyed Two-Pound Torch, Amputated Enigma and Shag Harbour's Visit. If you're a fan of old-school Cryptopsy or tech death in general, be sure to pick up this album!

akaBoogie ,


It's great to hear these guys back to form. I haven't really liked an album since "...And then you'll beg" and this one is an album I can't stop listening to. It's great to have Jon back in the band and have them go back to the roots. Great album and my pick for metal album of the year. Definite must-own.

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