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4.3 out of 5
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68 Ratings

mayretta sweat ,


unfinished subdivision cul-de-sacs 12 on a Friday night rolling my first cigarette listening to the train roll by the square waffle house 4 am staring out the window kennesaw mountain supposed to be at school

Grinth ,

It's been awhile...

Really all I can say is that this album has completely blown my mind. Now I don't mean to suggest that this is the most revolutionary thing to happen to music in years by saying this, you could easily make references to such groups as My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive etc but the way in which these influences are executed are starkly refreshing.

Split into two segments the first being a lurching cloud of ambience and explosion the second (starting with Spring Hall Convert) turn into driven yet touching pop pieces that always seem to find a way to slip through your fingers.

There is much more backstory to this album and you can find that any number of places so I won't bother with that, but really I'd say this album is a must hear. One that should be experienced from beginning to end in one sitting.

The whole album is amazing but recommended songs include: Strange Lights, Cryptograms, Octet and Hazel St.

Concert Guy ,

Dark, Mysterious, and Amazing!

Songs like "Spring Hall Convert" and "Heatherwood" sound like electro goth rock masterpieces. I can't believe how distorted and compelling this album is. Psychedelia and ambience also play very major roles that will ultimately make this (possibly) the best album you'll hear this year. "Octet" provides a Boards of Canada- esque sound in the beginning and then the drums and guitar start and it becomes something epic. Deerhunter is an inspired band, you can hear their influences (i.e. Animal Collective/Panda Bear) through this stunning album but the fact of the matter is they make the music their own. This album is the electronic parallel to Sung Tongs, it is the goth rock equivalent to Panda Bear, it is simply put a piece of art.
Octet (The best track you'll hear this year!)

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