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Christ Jesus Nation ,


I really love Matts new direction of music! I loved his older "tropical acoustic
mraz-ish" style but his dance pop is AMAZING!! It reminds me of the music at rue21 or American eagles!
God bless ya Matt Kearney!
❤️🎶😔💦😜😄🙀✝️ 🔥

Avanzander 2.0 ,

A radical departure of sound...and of soul

I have no issue with artists changing up their style. It's expected, and I would say, encouraged. We want our artists to keep things fresh. I support this.

In fact, all of Mat Kearney's previous albums have been a departure from their respective predecessor. For example, "City of Black and White" traded the spoken word/rap of "Nothing Left to Lose" for more up-tempo, sing-along hooks. "Young Love" traded the up-tempo, sing-along hooks for catchy pop-beats. "Just Kids" traded the catchy pop-beats for more introspective, soul-searching hip-hop. All were amazing albums.

"CRAZYTALK" is yet another departure of sound...and, sadly, of soul, too

In terms of SOUND, almost every song has a computer-generated, electronic "chorus". Mat's vocals play second fiddle to strange robotic noises and digital chants. It's cool or one or two songs...on ALL the songs, however, it is just annoying and repetitive. I want to hear Mat sing, not some computer program.

Now, In terms of SOUL: the content of these songs is just stupid. It's shallow, vapid stuff. Consider these lyrics: "I bought 'dem jeans", "All the feels", "You're my queen Like 'Yoncé", "Listenin' to Shawty", "Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all", "Señorita rita rita", "My girl is money money"...the list goes on. On all of Mat's previous albums he sung about deep, challenging, inspiring issues....about stories of struggle and triumph...about things that were relateable. On "CRAZYTALK", he sings about how "them curves oughta have their own runway". He likes his wife. We get it.

I've been a huge Mat Kearney fan since Bullet. This is his first big, massive mistake of an album. Only about 4 songs worth listening to (Better Than I Used to Be, Kings and Queens, Changes, and Wanted Man)...the rest are, at best, forgettable. I hope he stops trying to be someone else and goes back to being Mat Kearney. I want to listen to Mat, not a Chainsmokers wannabe.

ObeyTheRulz ,

Mat Bieber...

Garbage. Keeps getting worse and worse.

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