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Оцінок: 43

Perandor ,


The first track Torture says it all!

gumboman ,

What the Hell?

What the Hell? No really, im a little confused as to why itunes allows this to be on their network. I cant even describe this. I don't want this to sound cliched, but this is not music, and its really stupid.

acapsfosho ,

Seriously what the heck....

This is the WORST ALBUM EVER. You know it's funny how the tracks all list what goes on here. Listening to this is "torture". "Shame On You" for even making it. I hope this band goes on tour and their plane "Crash and Burn"s. It's "light's Out" for these guys and they so obviously took the name from GNR I mean "No Guns Just Rose" come on. GET A LIFE

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