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4.7 out of 5
119 Ratings

119 Ratings

phrygian9 ,

Brutal and technical as hell

I'm fortunate to able to be the first to review this work of genius. These guys are talented. The soloing and harmonies are insane and the fretless bass playing is just SICK!!!! The vocals are maniacal. The guitar playing is just out of this universe!! Very well thought out music. Guest appearance by Tymon, guitarist for Cynic. Get this NOW!!! Guaranteed to be one of the top albums of the year!!!

Baby BullDog ,


I'm not usually into the growling thing (aside from Opeth), but these guys are so incredible I just had to throw my five stars up on the board as well. This album is one of a few in the world I would actually describe as 'a stunning masterpiece'. 5 stars with absolutely no reservations. Well done!

UnofficalMetalReviews ,


Obscura is absolutely amazing. This band interwines each instrument perfectly. The energy, the emotion, it's just.. Perfect.

Vocals - Nice shreiks, crushing growls, a few cynic-like clean vocals thrown in occasionally (that fit very will within the song structures). 9/10

Guitars - Very good riffs, EXTREME solo-ing. Very atmospheric. One of the guitarist's is an ex-Necrophagist member. 9.5/10

Bass - For those who don't know, this band features ex-Pestilence bassist on a 6-string fretless. This guy is a MONSTER. The only other Death Metal band that utilizes bass as well is either Augury or Quo Vadis (which ironically use fretless basses as well). Anyway, instead of emphasizing the guitar, it plays counter melodies that fit together perfectly with everything else like a puzzle. 10/10

Drums - Playing this fast is hard, and in odd-time rhythms like this, he is very skilled. Very jazzy feeling to it though. 9.5/10

Overall - If you like Technical Death Metal, GET THIS. One of the best albums of 2009.

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