After canvassing lo-fi sierreño on his debut, Mi Vida En un Cigarro (2019), mainstreaming corridos tumbados alongside Natanael Cano and Ovi on Las 3 Torres (2020), and rocketing to the top of Apple Music's Latin Album charts with $ad Boyz 4 Life (2021), Junior H faced the conundrum of where to go next. After starting 2022 with Mi Vida En Un Cigarro 2 he closed the year with Contingente, a project that in the opening track, “Índice,” he confides took two years to create and that he wasn't sure he'd ever release. However, the end result was too exciting to shelve. For years corridos tumbados were also described as trap corridos due to the many parallels in cadence and street narratives shared with the realm of hip-hop. On Contingente, those influences become explicit as Junior H trades dueling guitars and bajo sextos for throbbing digital beats, diving head first into trap, reggaetón, and house music. The title track steps boldly into perreo romántico while the hedonistic club sounds of “Tus Besox” shatter any expectations of acoustic cowboy tunes. An album of epic sonic ambitions deserves an equally epic guest list, and Junior H pulled no punches on the invitations. Mexican trap titan Alemán drops by for yearning slow-burner “Vete Ya.” Chilean reggaetón star Paloma Mami pops up on “Veneno,” a slinky, percussive duet unspooling poisonous yet addictive romances. And on the seductive “Cologne,” labelmate Ovi shows up for a fast-rapping assist over sinewy R&B basslines. Of course, this wouldn't be a Junior H joint without some sober introspection, and “Te Alejaste” with Snow Tha Product is a contemplative study of a crumbling relationship. Junior H's seventh solo outing, Contingente, is not only a departure from the lo-fi guitar sounds that captivated audiences back in 2019 but also innovative legacy work from one of the architects of modern música mexicana.

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