10 Songs, 38 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.1 out of 5
23 Ratings

23 Ratings

Derpaderpabk ,

Welcome back

Welcome back Broadway! Someone sign this band and get them back out there doing what they love

Destroyer_Rino ,


I'll stick to kingdoms

Azureflames20 ,

An Honest Review.

First off i wanna give these guys some credit for stepping out of their comfort zone and giving us something different from their previous releases. I have a lot of mixed opinions on my personal feelings on this album as a whole. There seems to be a wild variety of different sounds and I think that was the point, but because of this I believe there to be a lack of cohesion (at least for my taste).

The bad:
I found that tracks such as “manifest prosperity”, “prometheus”, and “one night on mars” were very okay and felt more like filler songs than standalones (5/10’s if you will). Personally i thought “intersteller avalanche” had a catchy chorus but the rest of the song was pretty much garbage for what these guys are capable of. “dOPPLEGANGER” was a really interesting track overall since it was easily their heaviest track on the album. I thought it had some good moments, though the “im not you, im not you, im not you, im not you” part of the chorus just wasn’t doing it for me along with the “i am an abomination” lyric in the breakdown. These were all the tracks i wasn’t partial to but i think they really can click with people that enjoy a more alternative sound.

The good:
“Found You” was a surprisingly different but appropriate fit for these guys. It’s a very different poppy acoustic approach to a song and i think it shakes things up pretty well for a nice song. “I Am Man” is also a pretty solid track that has reminiscent parts of some old kingdoms sound to it. For me the tracks that truly truly shine are “artificial love”, “volcano Jack”, and “Gods and Men”. Personally i think “Gods and Men” is easily among the best material they’ve ever made, even on par with the scale of the songs on kingdoms. It’s one of those tracks that just gets stuck in your head with it’s huge sound and beautiful instrumental textures in the verses; definitely give it a listen.

Overall i’d give this album a 6.5/10. In general it’s lows weren’t that low but the highs of the album just weren’t as prominent or there weren’t as many as either gentlemen’s brawl or kingdoms had to give it a really really strong rating. Tracks to definitely check out: “Gods and men”, “I Am Man”, “Artificial love” and “volcano Jack”.

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