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62 Ratings

huhwhat1128 ,

A die-hard I the Mighty fan's review of Connector

First of all, if there is any part of I the Mighty's discography you have not heard, get it and listen to it. (We Speak (1st album ever that no one knows about), Karma Never Sleeps and Satori, plus a couple of EPs). Good, now that we have that out of the way...

1. An Epilogue as a Prologue - Once you hear the whole album, specifically the last track, this track becomes even more beautiful than it already is.
2. Lady of Death - Second only to "The Frame I" as my favorite song on the album. Everything we love about ITM is here... blistering guitars, lyrics that evoke vivid and sensational imagery and that otherworldly scream that somehow found it's way out of Brent Walsh despite sounding too huge to be possible.
3. The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray - The concept is one of the most cliche in music ("Misery" as a woman that you can't seem to get away from), but the execution is the sort of break-the-mold brilliance that you should come to expect from ITM at this point. Also, that guitar riff in the second verse... mmmm.
4. Psychomania - This is going to be one of the tracks that thrills the ITM fans that love their heavier, darker side... "Failures", "Speak To Me" and "Love Your Sin" come to mind. The chorus is HUGE. Cannot wait to see this live and feel the floor shake.
5. Adrift - In terms of lyrical content, the chorus is a bit on the simple side when you compare it to ITM's usual lyrical genius, but the melody is infectious. Also, that jam section in the middle is siiiick.
6. Slow Dancing Forever - ...prepare your feels, cause this song is one of the strongest gut-punches my feels have ever taken. The song is elegant in the way that it balances tragedy and beauty so perfectly.
7. Friends (ft. Max Bemis) - This is such a feel-good track, and it resonated with me in a strong way because of how much my friends mean to me. Also, Max Bemis kills that bridge... they could not have picked a better vocalist to feature on this song.
8. Playing Catch With .22 - This is the lead single for a good reason; you show this song to someone, and they get a taste of all the classic ITM chops. It isn't necessarily a stand-out track, but it is a perfect song to show someone and say "this is the kind of sound you are going to get when you listen to ITM".
9. This is one of the more background songs on the album to me. Lyrically the song is wonderful, but the instrumentals feel a bit lacking at times. This of course is speaking relative to the rest of ITM's songs, and this is another song where I am dying to know the story behind it.
10. The Hound and the Fox - Adrenaline jam with some awesome fast-tempo licks and plenty of the fury we have come to expect from ITM's politically-rooted songs.
11. (No) Faith In Fate - This is the weakest song on the album in my opinion, but it is also a very interesting listen... there is no way you expect the end of the song to explode the way it does after the tone of the first half.
12. The Frame I: Betrayal on the Watchtower - Whoo.... what can I NOT say about this song? I have been so eagerly anticipating the conclusion to The Frame series, and when I read the title of the last track on the album I nearly jumped through my roof. This song is everything I wanted it to be and more... the tragic and explosive end (er... beginning) to a captivating story we have all waited years to listen to. With that much anticipation, it is hard not to consider that the result may be disappointing. I had my apprehension before I heard it... and that apprehension got taken out to the back yard and put down, because this song is absolutely incredible.

Now, you may say my opinions are skewed because yes, I am a die-hard I the Mighty fan. At the same time, many bands I have loved for years have taken a dive off the deep end in recent years, and I can say without a shred of doubt that this is my album of the year. The new sounds that ITM experimented with in this album worked out beautifully, and it all came together in such a way that not a single song feels out of place. Connector is a phenomenal album, and will be rememberd as a classic part of ITM's evolution and (hopefully) worldwide popularity. There is no band that I know of that deserves to be in the spotlight more than these guys. Help 'em out, spread the word and buy the freaking album!!

BioHacker2 ,


This album competes with its predecessors and lives up to the hype. One of the very few albums that only gets better with time. The more you listen to it, the more you understand, feel, and begin to not only sympathize, but empathize with the lyrics. This is truly a work of art, one of which I the Mighty should be proud of. Must buy if you like their previous work or Brent Walsh's solo album.

Lewlew9819 ,

Lyrics are better than se%

Enough said.

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