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37 Oy

DarienEndy ,

Authentic Kylie!

So I broke down and purchased this album from the UK a few months ago. I got tired of waiting for iTunes to upload the album. Now that it's here, the US won't have to search far for other great Kylie Hits. I recommend tracks 4,5,7 & 8.

CaFo ,

Wow Wow Wow!

I feel this album like the inspiration for "Body Language", being an album filled with all the musical genres, Pop, R&B, dance, ballads and more.

The highlights from this album are:
1.-Confide in Me
2.-Put Yourself In My Place
3.-Where Is The Feeling?

Great album, though not her best!

BAT-boy ,

Kylie defines herself

This album is one of my favorites. Everyone praises Impossible Princess a lot, but I actually prefer this one. It is just as heartfelt and diverse as that but fit into the popular music of 1994 a bit better than IP fit into the pop scene at all. I really wish they would've released "If I Was Your Lover" in the States as originally planned because I think would've been a massive hit with a video and some promotion. I also can't stop singing "Dangerous Game" and "Time Will Pass You By." "Falling" also a wonderful track to just relax and groove to. I think this album should've had more singles and should've been handled a lot better. 7 songs deserved to be singles instead of only 3 and it deserved to be as big as her first two albums with her first record label. All I have to say is buy this album, you will enjoy it. Especially with all the bonus tracks!! They make an even better listening experience.

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