Editors’ Notes Picking up where her charming 2009 debut left off, Zee Avi delivers another set of sunny and relaxed folk pop that revolves around her lovely vocals. For this release she had more time to devote to songwriting and arranging (with help from producer Mario Caldato, Jr.) and it pays off with interesting and nuanced songs. The first several are sweetly-strummed ukulele and acoustic guitar numbers that are textured with strings, piano, and percussion, and she sings in her native Malaysian dialect, backed by a light bossa nova beat, on “Siboh Kitak Nangis.” But before the tropical vibe of the first five tracks lulls you into a haze, Avi mixes things up halfway through, proving that she’s more than just a pretty voice. “The Book of Morris Johnson” has a chirpy synth beat and odd samples, the muted horns and walking upright bass of “Madness” has her showing off some jazzy vocal phrasing, and the a cappella-driven “Concrete Wall” is the album’s anomaly that may also be its catchiest track. By injecting a few surprises on Ghostbird Avi sets herself apart from the crowded coffeehouse-folk genre.