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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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3.5 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Arnold Diaz ,

More for Fans than New Converts

I'm convinced that Mark Kozelek has a lot of talent as a musician, an innate sense of songwriting hooks and a voice that appeals to many (perhaps not all). When he takes time to craft songs with choruses (rarely), he creates amazing music. When he collaborates with others, he presents something interesting that grows on the listener with repeated exposure. When he adapts songs of others, he is a master--even Christmas songs. Unfortunately, mostly he seems to create songs around one hook, beats that hook to death and doesn't seem to try to develop the composition further than a take or two. As a result, his fans are blessed with an abundance of releases one after the other. I'm also convinced that if he were to take twice as long to consider a song (does he spend more than a day writing and recording each one?), test it out on audiences, reconsider, rewrite, hone and redone, he would be a household name. I do understand that part of his philosophy is to deconstruct music (and lyrics) to the extent that they are SUPPOSED to be impromptu sounding, but the result is often forgettable. At its best, he brings us "Ben's My Friend," which contains the evolving and delightfully absurd chorus, "Blue crab cakes… I worry about her to death… Bah bah bah." At its worst, it just sounds like he's putting words and music together for the first time and doesn't care what the result is. His fans, like me, will continue to listen, continue to wait for him to evolve into the artists we think he can be, but lately we wonder if he even cares enough about his own music to want to make it truly great. Maybe he just likes strumming the guitar and putting words together.

A Soggy Bunny and a Hit Hit Hit ,

You Either Like It Or Hate It

I like it. I listened to an interview with Mark he did in Sweden a few years back. He talked about how fans at his shows want to talk to him and get too personal and that it makes him uncomfortable. He prefers to keep his distance as an artist. With that being said, I think these last few albums have been the most personal albums I've ever heard in my life. He has given all kinds of details from his personal life and if you listen to them, you feel like you know him on a deep level. No other artist is revealing this much about their personal life. Maybe this is for all those fans that wanted to connect with him on a personal level.

DrewzertheAbuser ,


Total crap

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