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D!$gu$t!p4t3d ,

Amazing album!

This is a freakin great album. For those of you neigh-sayers that think the world is afraid of death metal know this: There is nothing wrong with screaming and there is nothing wrong with singing but when you can do both very well, why not? Musically as a vocalist it is very hard to go from hard to soft vocals seamlessly. This is one of the few bands that will actually do that amazing hard to soft trick flawlessly. And whats wrong with Nu-metal? Nothing. It seems to me that a lot of reviews turn into a slamfest on a band for not being as "hard" as they used to be which is ridiculous and it shows a lack in musical knowledge and taste. Buy this album if you love metal AND Nu-metal and i guess if you only crave barking talentless vocals then you probably won't like this album. I prefer my vocalists to have RANGE whether it is screaming or singing or both... But that's just my opinion.

inflames2233 ,

Oh god you guys, get real.

To everyone who thinks this albums their greatest work.
THIS IS NOT In Flames's best album.

To be fair if you're like the majority of this world and simply just like Nu-Metal or your mainstream Melodic Metal, then I can definitely see why you like this album.
However for In Flames? not their greatest work.
This album seems to be be based more on Anders "singing" choruses than Jespers and Bjorns amazing dual guitarwork (which is fine, if thats the way In Flames wanted to go.)
Just do me a favor.
Go buy Colony, listen to the songs, and note "Zombie Inc." skip to the bridge of that song and listen to one of the most beautiful dual guitar compositions EVER.
I'm not trying to bag on this album, because in all honesty? I do enjoy Come Clarity quite a bit. It's just that I really really REALLY want the old days back when Jesper and Bjorn would blow my mind away.
If you're a new fan, listen to this album (you'll love it I assure you. and try Soundtrack To Your Escape)
If youre a fan of their old sound, then STAY THE HELL AWAY. =]

but all in all, a good album. Just not the best that they couldve done.


twist3dMind ,


I thought this wouldn't be great, judging by people saying the other ones of theirs are better. But wow..... the songs Take This Life, Crawl Through Knives, and Come Clarity are my favorites...so far. ;].

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