Editors’ Notes Release the Sunbird is a solo project by Rogue Wave frontman Zach Rogue. Featuring many of the same qualities found in the band’s best work (especially understated hooks and hummable melodies) several of these songs — “A New You,” “Everytime You Go,” and “Dropout”— sound like mellow acoustic demos Rogue might have introduced to the band had he wanted a fuller treatment. Yet it’s this relaxed, stripped-down approach that gives Come Back to Us its charm and distinctive quality. His voice is often whisper soft as he lightly strums or fingerpicks an acoustic guitar, backed by soft percussion and some hazy and subdued production touches. He’s backed here by drummer Pete Schreiner, bassist Kenny Childers, and special ingredient Kate Long who contributes gorgeous backing vocals across the album, but who positively shines on the title track, “Always Like the Son,” “Why Can’t You Look At Yourself,” and “Paper Allies.” Rogue Wave loyalists will enjoy Come Back to Us as will fans of well-crafted, low-key indie rock in general.