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4.8 з 5
Оцінок: 12

Оцінок: 12

Minty Freshness ,

finally! waited for so long, but...

wheres D-Technolife, and Rush?

JazAlexa ,

Finally!! So Happy!

I absolutely love UVERworld’s music and I kept looking on the US iTunes hoping to find it. Finally they’re on here! I’m so happy I get to listen to their music on my phone now. This album is amazing for $19.99 - well worth the price. Please release more albums on the US iTunes!! ❤️

Bro rolls 777 ,

Very good. Still waiting for DISCORD

Overall a very good selection of UVERWORLD’s top music. Still waiting one of my favorite songs (DISCORD) to appear on one of their US released albums.

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