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Mastered for iTunes

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4.8 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

Suburban Dasein ,

Th apotheosis of something or other

It's prog rock, the music that the almighty himself, and Bill Bruford, reviles. But there was never anything remotely like it, nor could there be: in later years, Bruford described a near-impossible process of reassembling bits of tape fastened to the wall after endless debate about this arrangement or that, or whether Jon Anderson should just leave already. He was forced to admit, though, that it ended up being a remarkable piece of music, despite asking at the time whether "Total Mass Retain" might better be called "Puke." And, after Chris Squire's death, Bruford pointed to two of his bits in the title track that epitomized Squire's creativity and gloriously skewed vision of rock bass: the strange staccato line abut 6 minutes in, and the tuba-from-nowhere about 8 minutes in. I grew up thinking that round-wound strings on a Rickenbacker played with a pick was the only possible bass noise worth a lick.

For Steve Howe there'd be only a few more shining moments before he became the choppy caricture of himself he was detined to become; for Jon Anderson there'd be a couple fewer shining moments before too much acid and too much Earth-Mother-Jacaranda-Crystal-in-the-forehead rubbish turned him into an insufferable, warbling new-age shaman; and as for Rick Wakeman, he wished in hindisght that he'd left along with Bill.

But here, by the time they hit Siberian Khatru—objectively the best rock song on the album—they were working furiously to churn out something that no one, not even Genesis with Supper's Ready, would match.

Coe44 ,

Close to the Edge (1972)

After Fragile, couldn't have made another album just like it, so the results were "Close to the Edge," All around Yes's best album. 10/10

harpua2007 ,

One of my all time favorites

The title track is 18 minutes long, and it seems like 3 minutes, pure genuis from this band. It just locks you in and holds your attention for the duration.

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