Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein

Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein

Clones of Dr. Funkenstein is an extension of Mothership Connection, the album that codified Parliament’s mid-‘70s formula: laid-back tempos, gurgling sound effects, choral chants, and of course, a lot of comic book madness. Like most Parliament albums, Funkenstein loosely follows a story — cosmic overseer Dr. Funkenstein has dispatched Star Child and a host of clones to unlock the secrets of the funk from the pyramids. Of course, the story matters little; what drives the album is the instrumental fantasias hatched by George Clinton, and executed by such star musicians as keyboardist Bernie Worrell, bassist Bootsy Collins, and drummer Jerome Bailey. “Dr. Funkenstein,” “Children of Productions,” and “Everything Is on the One” define the band’s ability to sink into an ambling groove and milk it for everything its worth, while “Do That Stuff” shows Clinton’s talent for blending his hallucinatory R&B with pop accessibility. Funkenstein is arguably Parliament’s loosest, most easy going album. This music pours effortlessly from a group wholly united in its vision.

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