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The Horror Master revisits four of his biggest hits.


The Horror Master revisits four of his biggest hits.


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6 Ratings

LucasGodzilla ,

They don't sound as good as the originals...

I love John Carpenter's music. I personally love almost all his soundtracks, to name a few: Prince of Darkness, Assault on Precinct 13, and Escape From New York. So when I heard he was going to re-make his older themes, of course I would think to love it. But oh no, I was wrong. The problem with this album, is that half the themes sound as though they were poor covers of a sort. The Fog redux theme sounds almost exactly the same as the one from its OST, the theme for Halloween and Escape From New York sounds really weird, there's just something really off about the tracks in comparison with the original versions. Then don't even get me started on Assault on Precinct 13 redux. That was a total piece of crap. It reminds me of an SID Chip track, it just sounds completely wrong. The worst thing about all of this is the fact that they all sounded really cool in his live concert versions people recorded and uploaded onto the internet. WHY COULDN'T HE USE THOSE VERSIONS!?! This just does no justice at all for any of his themes. Just do yourself a favor, and go to each original soundtrack albums and buy the themes separately, they sound 100% better than these.

Hector Macchiato ,

Fantastic Re-imaginings.

These re-recordered classics are from the master himself. Each track is true to the original but executed with a full band that results in a deep and fuller sound. Crank up the speakers and let your imagination be taken away by these minimilistic sonic masterpieces.

Music Messenger Of The World ,

Simply & Purely Classics!!

Wowzer!! Loved all of them but 'HALLOWEEN THEME' is the best!! Though the original is a classic and not even comparible but for this modern version John Carpenter and his band have done justice to it and then some!!

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