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4.7 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

Della Rey ,

The King! Elvis sings better than anyone. Boy George was the only name I recognized in first review

Elvis will be here when all the singers on the earth are gone. No one will ever remember anyone else.

maumel ,

Like wine

Superb musicianship quality defined Elvis in the 70's. His voice had grown deeper and the songs told painful love stories. Much of it, due to the emotional decay in his private life. The earlier part of it has always been my favorite but this collection forces you to listen to a great deal of songs and it is when you realize how musically diverse Elvis had become. A significant collection.

GreLuc2 ,

Elvis comment

This is a pure Elvis 70’ album and any Elvis fan would love & enjoy. Even a fan that does not like Elvis or is not sure would love it to. It has a little bit of everything Elvis!!!
And to answer the question about Elvis faking his death, as a true fan for many years, (yes) he did. He had to do it to protect his family.Right now he is under a witness protection program. Starting with his concert bad people were after him,he had to hide, then the yes he was sick,day of funeral is that really Elvis in the coffin of a 42 ur old ?(no) then what about every time when Lisa is asked to take a blood test she refuses? If they exhumed the body , is it really Elvis? That’s what you have to ask your self? ( I love Elvis just like you do) but things have been really fishy throughout the years from what Pricilla & Iisa had told us. This is my opinion & what I feel.

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