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28 Ratings

Arjg143 ,

Music filled with emotions

Truly remarkable, amazing, beautiful, everything and more. Every song on this album is amazing! My top favs: all is soft inside, soft universe, churchyard, queendom, ah and forgotten love! But I love them all.

OASiSofficial ,

Perfection — Step I

Queendom: The perfect introduction to this album. It tells you what you’re going to get into, but it also leads to surprises. I wish it wouldn’t of been a single, however, because it spoiled a little bit of this album.

Forgotten Love: The chorus and pre-chorus of this track are amazing, and you don’t want for anything more. The lyrics go perfectly with the title, and the backing vocals are some of the best on the album, and of AURORA in all.

Gentle Earthquakes: Some parts can feel a little disappointing, only because Forgotten Love is so good. That’s not saying this song isn’t amazing. The lyrics are very nice, and it’s a very easy-going song. The production is perfection, and the bridge is beautiful.

All Is Soft Inside: One of the strongpoints of this album. Some lengthy songs can get boring, but no part of this 5:08 track is boring in any way, especially the end, which changes it in quite a few ways. I really want to say more, but I really can’t. It is so beautiful, and you have to listen to it yourself to really take it in, because it immerses you in so much.

It Happened Quiet: It Happened Quiet almost feels like an interlude, which isn’t a bad thing. It is so simplistic, but helps you enjoy the song. It feels like you are listening to a story. Her vocals are very strong in this song, and the harp in the background that is present throughout the whole song is very pleasant.

Churchyard: The introduction to this song with the emptiness of just her voice is a perfect bridge from It Happened Quiet to this song. You feel like a part of the song, and want to know who the man is that she is singing about. The backing vocals add depth to it, and the instrumental is especially beautiful.

Soft Universe: The best song on this album in my opinion is Soft Universe. The introduction is so quiet, making you think it’s going to be a slow song, and then the chorus comes in. The bass that hits you in the chorus is so amazing, and the lyrics are so sharp and you recognize them and realize what she is saying and really take it in. I really love this song, and had it on repeat for a good 7 months, because it wouldn’t get old. The bridge of her repeating “soft,” that goes in tune with the chorus’s bass hits is amazing. The closing makes my eyes water, and it really is perfection. The production is one of the best on this album.

Infections of a Different Kind: I feel Infections of a Different Kind is a perfect conclusion to the album. However, I think it is a little too long. I know that’s what AURORA wanted it to be, but it could’ve been shortened a little bit. The whole song is very pretty, but is a little underwhelming. You won’t be disappointed in this song, that’s for sure.

Conclusion: This is one of the best pieces that has come out in a very long time, which is a sad thing to say, because it is so short, and I wish there was something more. I know A Different Kind of Human (Step II) is out, and is technically a part of this album, but it just doesn’t have at all what this has. The only song that truly stuck to me on that album was The Seed. Every song on this piece has something special, which is why I’m glad there was a Step I and a Step II, because I can enjoy Step I without having to skip through. I do think that All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend (Deluxe) was stronger than this album, which does say a lot, because Infections of a Different Kind is also so strong. My favorites are All Is Soft Inside and Soft Universe, and my least favorite is Infections of a Different Kind, however, that’s not saying it’s bad, because it’s still beautiful. I love AURORA, and I love Infections of a Different Kind (Step I).

True dogs in the hood ,

Dear Aurora,

Your music is so soothing. The energy and lyricism is so relaxing and thought provoking. It would be so exciting to make a song together I have so many ideas to accompany your amazing voice and ability to write melodies. Anyway, more of a pipe dream really. Hope you have a wonderful new year coming up. May this new year excite you and bring you much love and smiles!
Sincerely, thankful fan.