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320 Ratings

Repunzel, let down your hair ,


Honestly, it bothers me a bit when I read reviews that judge "Chunk of Change" solely on Sleepyhead, or claim that's all that's worth a listen here. While Sleepyhead has a wonderful beat and unqiue style, and has served the purpose of attracting Passion Pit its fans, it doesn't truly represent their full style.

I personally love this whole album. The catchy, yet subtle beats combined with Pit's signature vocals created a funky sound that made me love Passion Pit over a year ago. "Cuddle Fuddle" is perfect for finger tapping, as you drive with the windows down on a hot day; meanwhile you can hear strong emotional vocals throughout the more complex "I've Got Your Number"'s chorus. After a couple listens, "Better Things" is sure to become a favorite as its "Oh, Oh!" chorus will have you out of your chair dancing in no time. "Smile Upon Me" and "Live to Tell the Tale" are both slower, yet solid performances that stay true to the electronic, funky, indie-pop style that Passion Pit established on their first EP.

Anyone who passes by Chunk of Change after buying Sleepyhead, I STRONGLY recommend you to reconsider. While I love Manners as well, this EP will stay my favorite, as its perky sound and lesser organization adds to the whole fun that is Passion Pit.

CJ is Legit ,


This is some good music. Awesome beats on Sleepyhead.

theweekendwarrior ,

Feel Good Album

1. I've Got Your Number 10/10
I usually skipped this song when I first started listening to Chunk of Change, after a while I decided to give it another chance and it definitely grew on me. This is one of those songs that you have to listen to over and over and you eventually learn to love it.

2. Smile Upon Me 10/10
My favorite track. There are so many components in this song making it very appealing.

3. Cuddle Fuddle 8/10
I love the music, the lyrics are kind of cheesy at times.

4. Live to Tell the Tale 9/10
One of the slower songs but it has the best lyrics than any of the other songs.

5. Better Things 10/10
The feel good song of the album!

6. Sleepyhead 10/10
This is the song that made passion pit, PASSION PIT! Naturally, I am supposed to be opposed to this song due to it's mainstream success. But I can't, it's that GOOD.

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