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33 Ratings

SiberianEcho ,

Love it!

I’ve never listened to Vanden Plas before, but now it’s one of my favorites. This is truly a fantastic album, and I recommend buying the whole thing. The songs all fit so well together. It has both heavy guitars and more traditional guitars, and acoustic guitars, so it is really varied. The keyboards are great throughout and are some of the best of I’ve heard in awhile. Some of the songs are a lot slower than others, and usually build up, while others are fast throughout. It feels a bit like Nightwish I think with its symphonic elements.

DurgaDas ,

The Epitome Of The Genre: Epic Progressive Metal

This album is an absolute masterpiece. Given that I've been into this band since The God Thing, and they have continued to mature their songwriting into what I always knew they could be. They used to just hit it out of the park on a few epic songs each album, but this entire album holds together like a play would- and is on par with any epic tale in the Marvel Universe.

Gods, men, women, children from the timeless to the intensely personal; I often wonder how they do it.

Honestly, I wish I could explain just how much I love this music. It is a singular tragedy to me that DT gets all the accolades while Vanden Plas quietly makes the best music in the genre, beyond the borders of America.

epilepsia74 ,

VP does it again!

As Vanden Plas matures, their music just gets better. Clearly their most cohesive album. From start to finish, it is a tour of what progressive metal is and should be. My soft side might be showing, but Misery Affection might be the best ballad ever recorded. The exquisite poignant agony of eternal loneliness coupled with a brief moment of love couldn't be better expressed melodically or lyrically than it is here. A must listen for any inquisitive music afficianado.

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