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4.8 out of 5
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20 Ratings

Bartz' Buddy ,

Such..."Cute"...little music you've probobly never heard!

Though I have never played FFIII, I do like the little beeps and such. It reminds me of LoZ: LA, OoS, and OoA. You don't have to actually have to play the game to appriciate its fine music!

kirby_is_kyaan ,


I am playing the new version right now, so it's interesting to hear the originals-some old school video game music always brightens up someone's day! Definitely buy the game and some of these songs!

CenterCore ,

Great work

I can't say enough good things about Nobuo Uematsu's work. He has crafted truly some of the most breathtaking, amazing musical pieces I've ever heard, and the fact that they exist in video games that not a lot of people are all that familiar with is disappointing. The Final Fantasy franchise is not only one of the most incredible, but also nausiatingly underrated, series of any kind ever made. I highly recommend this album as well as the updated, orchestral version for the DS. I love how Uematsu seamlessly converts these older MIDI versions into amazing orchestrated pieces, keeping them as true to the originals as possible. This, already, has got to be one of the greatest video game soundtracks ever. I mean, come on -- where else are you going to find a brilliant work like this for a NES game? This, for its time, had to be the best in gaming music. Final Fantasy always goes above and beyond with its musical scores and I've yet to be disappointed. With FFXIII coming up, I can only imagine what's in store. It's a shame they don't have the more recent FF scores available here, but I'm so glad they do offer what's here. If only more people could appreciate the pure genius of Nobuo Uematsu. How someone could make the most of what's available, turning simple NES and even SNES MIDI technology into amazing pieces of music, is a true feat. As simple as these pieces may sound at first, they truly are remarkable, and I dare anyone to disagree with me that there aren't a whole lot of soundtracks out there even nowadays that can stand up to Nobuo's early work, and later work. Koji Kondo is another great video game music composer who, in my opinion, deserves far more credit. All in all, great album. I really enjoy listening to these pieces and hope to see more come along the way. Great job Square.

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