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4 Ratings

phillydude ,

This is one tops in my book!

So good I bought it twice. This is Leatherface in peak performance, in terms of rawness and speed. The recording has a rough, live sound which has yet to get old, despite hundreds of listens over the years.

I really can't pick a top track. Stubbs' lyrics are political without being preachy. Even the covers have Leatherface's distictive stamp, and are improvements on the originals (IMO).

This is one of those albums that you listen to, front to back, and it leaves you wanting more.

j.h.w. ,

love these guys

Vocals are some of my favorite of all-time. I just love his brash tone of voice. The guitars are choice for hardcore. It's perfect.

The Real Old Man ,

There is no person who crys with anger like Frankie Stubbs

Out of all of the great works of Leatherface, this one may stand alone at the pinnacle.What makes Leatherface is singularly the voice of Frankie Stubbs. His alcohol drenched and tobacco aged voice is unique among the great punk bands of all generations. When I listen to this band, I'm at one filled with sadness and anger, twisted by the poetic ramblings of the music. Colorado Joe and Animal Day some insight as to the variety in speed that Leatherface can move and for me the latter is amongst my most favorite of all their music.

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