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2 Ratings

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The best time for rain on a parade

I was introduced to Ame no Parade through their performance of Morning for the opening of Honbono Log and it remains one of my favorite songs by them. Morning is such a soft, calming song that perfectly recreates the feeling of a quiet morning and it really fit the show. I have also come to listen to more of their music and I am a fan of their style. Their performances across every track are very versatile and create a different yet fitting mood for each song. This band possesses an even blend between both acoutsic rock instrumental performances and electronic sounds and beats. Neither aspect overpowers the other, they balance each other in a way that is quite appealing to the ears. Their name may essentially mean Rain Parade, but they certainly don't seem to show any signs of stopping their parade of wonderful performances. I enjoy Ame no Parade's music and I hope we all see more great things from them in the future.

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