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4.4 out of 5
1.1K Ratings

1.1K Ratings

PourHomme80 ,

Some Good Remasters, Some Bad Song Choices and some shocking horrible production value.

Why are "Miles Away" and "Hollywood" on this cd? Major waste of space there. We could have traded those two for "Get Together" and "American Life."
Whats up with the strange track versions? Some are super long album versions while some are radio edits, and bad ones.
1. Cutting out the first 3 bars of Dress you up? What was the point?
2. the radio edit of Ray of Light?? its crap.
3. What is this new edit of Erotica, where your production team has clearly messed up. Listen at around 3:20!!? Who let this pass? This is Madonna's final career retrospective for Warner Bros. and you give us a terribly unprofessional amateur edit of one of her defining career moments.

As for the videos, you claim that Justify My Love has new never before seen footage. Where?? Why has it been censored? That is ridiculous! This is total false advertising. There is no new footage. Very Dissapointing!

vrocco ,

Incomplete Celebration Still Inspires

Here are the biggest U.S. hits (and famous non-hits) that are missing from this otherwise impressive collection - each listed with its peak Billboard chart position:

#1 - This Used To Be My Playground
#2 - I'll Remember
#2 - Causing A Commotion
#3 - True Blue
#5 - Angel
#6 - You'll See
#7 - Deeper And Deeper
#8 - Keep It Together
#8 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
#9 - Rescue Me
#10 - Hanky Panky
#11 - The Power Of Goodbye
#14 - Rain
#18 - You Must Love Me
#20 - Oh Father
#23 - What It Feels Like For A Girl
#29 - American Pie
#35 - Me Against The Music (w/Britney Spears)
#36 - Bad Girl
#37 - American Life
#42 - Bedtime Stories
#46 - Human Nature
#58 - Give It 2 Me
Sooner Or Later (didn't chart, but won Oscar for song of year, just like "You Must Love Me")
Spotlight (reached #32 in airplay, though not released as single from "You Can Dance" album)
Many big singles in the U.K. and other countries that didn't chart stateside also aren't included (i.e. "Gambler")

Again, this remains a great collection, but it's puzzling why a longer format wasn't created to accommodate the missing singles, especially since some were huge hits and important videos, and also because several tracks included did not chart, though many are undeniably landmark recordings for Madonna in one way or another.

It's also a bit odd than some excluded songs are otherwise unavailable on Madonna's studio albums, which would seem to make them prime candidates for this type of compilation. Such omissions might suggest that some sort of licensing or record label obstacles determined the final cut (i.e. soundtrack-only singles such as "Playground", "I'll Remember", "American Pie", and tracks from "Evita", plus greatest-hit album teasers like "Rescue Me" and "You'll See", which served the same purpose as "Celebration", "Revolver", and "It's So Cool" on this album).

The least-popular "American Life" album is represented only by "Hollywood" and "Die Another Day", which was actually a James Bond soundtrack single before that album dropped, but the highly popular and well-respected "Like A Prayer" album is only represented by three of its five big hits, and the two that didn't make it, "Keep It Together" and "Oh Father" are very good songs (the latter also boasted an incredible video). Although it's obvious this album focuses on dance tracks, which explains the high number of ballads on the "missing" list, several ballads made the cut nonetheless.

I suppose one could nitpick forever, and I'm not really complaining about the final cut, I'm just confused since there doesn't really seem to be a discernable pattern. I also admit I'm just bummed because many of my favorite songs aren't here, but that would've been the case for every listener even if she had extended the release to a longer format. I guess the lesson here is to enjoy the "Celebration", and pull out other classic Madonna releases or refer to your iPod when you want to hear her monologue in "Rescue Me", or her defiance in "Human Nature", or her Spanglish in the "Argentina" remixes, or whatever you wish would've been part of this highly enjoyable party. "Celebration" couldn't possibly be all-encompassing, and as the not-yet-done trendsetter reminds us in her not included but ultra-catchy Kanye West collaboration, the "Beat Goes On".

DrewK ,

Hands-down best ultimate Madonna collection ever

One look at the track listing for this collection is yet another reason, if anyone ever needed one, why Madonna has been successful for so many years. Not only is the music always compelling, but the videos are just as unique in their own right. Her ability to capture a feeling -- whether it emotion, dance, or humor -- in a song and a video has always been right on. I'd forgotten about many of the classic tracks until I was listening to (and watching) them after downloading Celebration. There are some great tunes here! And if anything is for certain, this is a rare moment where M steps back and takes a brief glimpse back. She's nowhere near done doing what she was born to do... here's to many more years!

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