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4.5 out of 5
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214 Ratings

Apklimon ,

The Next Logical Progression

The Boxer Rebellion have been doing what all great bands do with each album...Evolve. This next logical progression in their career path only shows how much their songwriting skill and musical ability has strengthened over the years. Those who have been with them from the beginning will have mixed feeling about their sophomore album (2009's Union), but it was a critical step in their progression as a band by blending the freestyle power chords of their debut (2005's Exits) with a more melodic, and dare I say, radio friendly sound. For the doubters, the fact that tunes like 'Semi-Automatic' , 'Soviets', and 'Spitting Fire' weren't huge radio hits is a testament to just how 'indie' this band really is. Those tracks would have been inescapable had Coldplay performed any of them. However, with 'The Cold Still'' the steps that The Boxer Rebellion take inject a more mature, confident sound. I had the opportunity to meet the band this past September in Philadelphia and they are just as humble as they are good at what they do. They actually expressed a bit of nervousness about this album and I think through listening you will hear why. The songs are just riddled with raw emotion. Somehow, producer Ethan Johns was able to capture something amazing here and ,if there is any justice, this album will be the raving success that it deserves to be. From the minimal opening of 'No Harm' to the (could've been on Exits) track 'Memo', to the masterpiece in waiting 'Both Sides Are Even', this album does not disappoint. Each track is in itself a journey and one that you discover something new with each listen. Along with Elbow's 'Build A Rocket Boys' , this album was the one to wait for in 2011 and the wait is over and it was soooo worth the wait. 2011 is poised to be a great year in music and The Boxer Rebellion are leading the pack.

Nicky Banana ,

Start listening NOW

So you say you've never heard of Boxer Rebellion? Well, it's not to late to start. Buy this album, buy the one before it "Union", grab that "If You Run" single and start enjoying some of the most powerful and original music you've heard in years. I saw these guys in a small little club just across from the Giant's park in SF (as they were racing to the World Series no less) and the energy pouring out of Boxer Rebellion during their show was nothing less than epic. Just start listening now, you won't regret it.

a.bolton ,

Pure and enchanting

As the end of this year approaches, music critics will declare The Cold Still to be the best alternative album of 2011, and at long last, The Boxer Rebellion will receive the attention and praise they so appropriately deserve. Union is a fantastic album to which I will always return, but The Cold Still is The Boxer Rebellion's Joshua Tree. Richly-textured, thematic, graceful, driven; this is an epic story told with snowy melodies, crunchy guitars and fluid percussion. The Cold Still is poetry for the poet and eternity for the souls who truly love music.

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