Casey Donahew Band

Casey Donahew Band

This 2006 release resonates with the same flavor of classic rock and twangy tunes that embellished music by bands like Poco and Eagles (“Runaway Train” and “No Doubt“), though there are ample amounts of modern-day singer-songwriter sensibilities mixed in to keep things sounding relevant, as heard on the opening “Let You Down.” But even in his most contemporary, radio-friendly sounding moments (“Crash”), Casey Donahew is anchored to gritty Texan twang. The sweeping “Better Off Alone” is a slow burning, closing-time serenade that showcases Donahew’s savvy for lighter-hoisting balladry, and his storytelling prowess shines brightest on “White Trash Story,” an autobiographical account of his growing up in a small town with brawling good ol’ boys, townie floozies and loyal lifelong friends. You may not hear Casey Donahew’s music playing on many commercial country radio stations, but his solid musicianship, DIY ethos, constant touring and prolific songwriting are the attributes that help him sell out small concert halls and honky-tonks.

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