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4.7 out of 5
249 Ratings

249 Ratings

Curious Listener ,

You don't have to like "prog" rock

The iTunes review of this album is a typical critic's bashing of anything that even approaches prog rock - pay it no heed.

Yes, this album CAN be accurately labeled "prog rock" (done American style)... but I'll wager that never even occured to ninety percent of the people who've ever enjoyed this album. Simply, this is well-crafted, intelligent ROCK music... not just dumb bangin' rock, but songs with some ideas (and emotion) behind them.

It bears up to repeated listenings.

Busta Nutt ,

Kansas's Best is Still a CLASSIC!!!

The itunes review is proof that "critics are those who have failed in art and literature". Are you kidding me? This is not only Kansas's best but arguably one of the best classic rock albums of all time! From the postive message of "Carry On Wayward Son" to the introspection of "The Wall" and the spiritual soaring of "Miracles Out of Nowhere", this album stands as a monument to an era of brotherly love and positive themes I don't see much of in music today. Everytime I listen to this album it takes me back to a time in my adolescence when music and friends where influencing how I was going to grow as a human being and I thank Kansas for influencing all of us in such a positive and spiritual way. I may be older now but I will always--CARRY ON!!!

pgstudiojunkie ,

Kansas deserve more credit

The review is a joke. But then again, who is qualified to judge this record, really? The members of Kansas. The members of Yes? King Krimson? Alan Holdsworth? It’s a short list, really.

These guys wrote epic, multidimensional songs with changing time signatures and changing keys displaying mind-blowing chops, for pop music, and despite all that, somehow they managed to make it accessible for millions of people.

Certainly this feat is worthy of more credit than the reviewer gives. Take that for what you will.

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